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The main purpose of any sort of education these days are career based. Diploma Courses in India helps one do just that. There is a number of Diploma Courses in India which one can apply for. The duration and importance of each course varies. Diploma Courses in India are different from Degree courses.

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Eligibility Diploma Courses

Since Diploma Courses in India are varied there are varied qualifications needed to apply for the courses. Most of the Diploma Courses in India can be pursued only after completing one’s 10+2 board examination. While some of the Diploma Courses in India can be opted for after completing the 10th standard. But Postgraduate Diplomas, as well as a number of other Diplomas, can be pursued after graduating. Hence we see how varied the eligibility for Diploma Courses in India can be.

Diploma Course Lists :

  • D.C.A - Diploma in Computer Application
  • D.T.A - Diploma in Taxation & Accountancy
  • D.O.A - Diploma in Office Automation
  • H.D.C.A - Honours Diploma in Computer Application
  • D.F.M.A - Diploma in Financial Management & Accounting
  • P.D.C.A - Professional Diploma in Computer Application
  • D.D.T.P - Diploma in Desktop Publishing
  • P.G.D.C.A - Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
  • D.C.H.N.E - Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintance & Networking
  • A.D.M.P - Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Programming
  • A.D.I.P - Advanced Diploma in Java Programming
  • H.D.F.M.A - Honours Diploma in Financial Management & Accounting