About Us


About Us

Gtech established on 2006 and is managed by Our Team. He has an experience in Quality management, Finance Consulting, Employee’s management and education field. gtech is one of Puducherry’s experienced education providers.

We believe that hope begins when education starts, and that quality technical training is not just about creating or advancing a career, it’s about building a life. gtech was created to help you reach the goal of achieving more in your life and to motivate and facilitate the growing overcome its human resource challenges. gtech has trained more than 500 students in Karaikal around Puducherry. Over the past 8+ years, gtech has focused on providing quality education in Multimedia, Languages, Data Base and Multimedia Program.


Gtech aims to expand its presence as a National Player in knowledge management Space by training people and improves its position and enters into the Technical Training area in the years to come.


Gtech mission is to assist Institute’s progression and mechanize there in sequence stream and to reach out the target that match to the expected Level quality standards. To impart Quality Training in Courses in accordance with state level standards and stay in tune with the changing trends of this revolutionary technology.